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  • Only supernatural blogs or multifandom with supernatural as main
Looking For: 
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So the second most voted for thing once I reached 2k was URL Graphics :)

To get one:

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Disclaimer: Not everyone who reblogs this will get a URL Graphic! I will be picking the URLs that inspire me most <3

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"The Christian faith has a hope that overwhelms grief. This hope doesn’t get rid of the grief or pain but sweetens and shifts it."

—Tim Keller   (via littlethingsaboutgod)

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If you’re not going to comic con clap your hands.
*clap* *clap*
If you live no where near it clap your hands.
*clap* *clap*
if your favorite cast is showing and you’re dying ‘cause you’re not going.
then go ahead and cry and clap your hands.
*clap* *clap*

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acid attacks in pakistan

This assault is a common form of “punishment” not only in Pakistan, but also in India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, throughout the Middle East, and in some Western countries. Women live in fear that should she disobey her father’s will, speak her mind, attend school, refuse a marriage proposal, deny sex, or exercise her free will, she will be punished for it. She will be forced to wear the scars for the rest of her life, to remind her of the “shame” she has brought upon herself, and be shunned by her society.

Women in developing nations are not blind. They have realized they don’t have to submit. They don’t have to obey. They can speak their mind, and they can do as they please. This disgusts the men, whose need for power and domination reaches back centuries, and this is how they enforce their control. 

The practice has slowed in some countries, but in others, it’s on the rise. Men and children are also victims of these attacks. If you’re like me, and this is breaking your heart, there are ways you can help. Obviously, spreading the word is one of them, but donations are crucial. Many people in these countries don’t have access to the proper medical treatment or shelters they need. Donations help pay for bandages, medicine, housing, and training physicians. If you’re in a position to help, please consider it.

I know that to many of us, these people are far away, and seem unreachable. But they wake up every morning, just like we all do, and look in the mirror, like we all do. The fact that they don’t give up, that they keep going, shows unbelievable strength. I’m from America, where we obsess about our looks, and women are forced to think about our hair, makeup, and weight constantly. We can’t go into a shop, turn on the radio, or go online without being bombarded with ways to improve our looks. I’d like to think this will make a few of us stop and consider, even for a few moments, that there is someone who would be glad to have an option.

Check out what the United Nations Entity for Gender Quality (or UN Women) are up to. Help women around the world stay positive, hopeful, and keep fighting.

this brought me to tears. if you can help, please do.

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Remember when Rupert Grint got to smack Sir Kenneth Branagh on the head with a rock

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"Don’t sit and wait. Get out there. Feel life. Touch the sun and immerse in the sea."


Blue haired Gerard, requested by frnkieromustdie.

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